Israel is the first country to incorporate a breakthrough therapy developed by AbbVie, a research based BioPharma, in its state-subsidised healthcare basket.

The treatment which is a combo-therapy of Venetoclax and Azacitdine, was developed for patients suffering from acute myeloid leukaemia. AML which is an aggressive and difficult to treat blood cancer, achieved improved overall survival 14.6 months versus 9.6 months. More critically 66.4% of those treated with the combo therapy had a complete remission compared to 28.3% of those treated with an alternative therapy plus a Placebo.

Phase III trials have indicated a significant increase in survival rates 34% for patients who were other wise ineligible for chemotherapy.

Israel’s use of the combo-therapy which followed immediately after an FDA approval places it two years ahead of Europe offers patients access to a safe and effective treatment.