The Government is following the latest advice from the World Health Organization which has emphatically endorsed that people should wear non-medical face masks in public at all times. This is especially critical in those instances when social distancing cannot be maintained.

From the 24th of July it will be mandatory to wear a face covering in shops and supermarkets. People who fail to wear a face mask when requested to do so will face a fine of £100.

Further guidance on how the new regulations will be enforced will be issued in the next few days, but for now we have been advised that fines will only be issued by police and not by staff in the shops.

As with the previous ruling regarding wearing face masks on Public Transport, the government has issued certain exemptions, which include:-

1) Children under the age of 11.
2) People with breathing difficulty.
3) People travelling with someone who relies on lip reading.
4) People will not be required to wear masks in pubs or restaurants and people working in shops will not be required to wear masks, although most shop owners have already insisted that staff wear face coverings.

The Healthsector team are now offering 5 Free Facial Masks (while stocks last) for every new membership to the Healthsector Discounts Club.

We have settled on five masks because, although these masks are disposable and should only be used once, we have adopted a re-use guidance issued by the US to healthcare staff where PPE equipment is in short supply. The advise (which is based on the assumption that the virus looses its infectiveness after five days) suggested that each member of staff should acquire at least five pieces of equipment and use one per day in a specific order. This will ensure that their will be a sufficient time lapse for the infectious surface to become neutralised and it allows the member to re-use the equipment.