Hospitals in England posted a record year for parking fees just short of £260 million a whopping 11% increase on 2018. A recent Press Association survey claimed that 86% of those interviewed claimed that parking charges added to the stress of hospital visits.

As of April 2019 there is some relief to this contentious issue. The Government will keep its manifesto pledge by providing free parking to thousands of NHS staff, patients and visitors who fall under the category of those with the "greatest need".

This will include individuals with disabilities i.e. Blue badge holders, outpatients who have to attend regular appointments to manage long-term conditions, parents visiting sick children and NHS staff working night shifts.

The real impact of the new Government concessions won’t be known for some time as many hospitals already offer concessions to those in “greatest need” and many hospitals may increase their parking tariffs to cover loses.

The Health Secretary Matt Hancock said: "We are today delivering on our manifesto commitment and setting out our new approach to NHS hospital parking charges."